Blog(no)lovin' - a small plea

bloglovin-lifebylotte Look, I'll admit, I don't fully understand Bloglovin'. This may be an age-related issue.

Twitter, I'm a pro at, Facebook I'm starting to like more and more and Pinterest and Instagram, well, they're works in progress but I'm getting there... But Bloglovin' - I truly suck at.

I have 19 followers on Bloglovin' people. NINETEEN!

Worst of all, I had 21 two weeks ago.

What am I doing wrong?! Anyone care to enlighten me?!

I'm actually getting a reasonable amount of traffic to the blog these days, which is LOVELY, yet if you looked at my humiliating Blog(no)lovin' tally you would not believe me.

I don't get it. Why don't you Blogloviners love me?! Sob sob.

So this is a small (and embarrassingly desperate) plea; if you do like my blog and you do use Bloglovin', please give us a follow. Otherwise I may have to remove my account. Because, y'know, I live in fear of waking up tomorrow to only 18 followers... I appear to only be going one way with this. (Oh help! please don't unfollow me! Oh god, it's SO undignified to beg! Gaaahhhh! *shoots self*)