Midweek Musings: Normal service will resume shortly (hopefully!)

percy-lifebylotte Hello there. I felt I had to blog today because blogging on Wednesdays has become A Thing in my life, and I'm a stickler for schedules and routines. Alas, however, I have nothing of interest to write as we are all poorly. First the baby had it, then Oli had it (he refused to eat his dinner and didn't even want a glass of wine - that's how I really knew he was ill) and then I woke up with an interesting pain in my skull as though someone had tried to put it in one of those car crushers but then given up after squeezing about eight times, and then given it a good shake before chucking it on the floor and stamping on it.

There's nothing more boring than hearing about how ill someone is/has been so I shall stop this whiny post here. Suffice to say, I have discovered there IS something worse than a screaming baby at 3am, and that's a screaming baby at 3am when you have flu.


One thing I will mention though is that I have ordered Chip this fab activity cube from John Lewis, after seeing my friend Sally's baby playing with hers. It's SO lovely - all wooden and reassuringly solid with delightful little illustrations on it. I can't wait for it to arrive. I need to get her some more wooden toys actually - if anyone has any recommendations please shout!

If you'd like to read something more cheery, may I suggest my six-month baby update post? The littlun is actually completely recovered (amazing how babies can basically get a cold and within 24 hours it's gone) but her mum and dad are still dragging our carcasses around like zombies. Hopefully we'll be back on top form soon, but in the meantime I'm off back to bed...