Cat-haters look away now…

Meet Percy. My lovely moggy, who I bought three years ago from Gumtree for £45. Bargain.

Percy likes expensive cat food, sleeping on the radiator, scratching and pawing at my bedroom door if I’m not awake at the normal time and sitting on me when it’s least convenient. And sleeping with his front paws outsretched, which led to his nickname, Superpurrce. He’s had to move five times in his little life, so he now only goes outside to poo. He’s a complete wimp. Beryl the tabby next door lives in hope that one day her unrequited love for him will be requited. I can’t see it happening myself, as I reckon he miaows for the other team.

He still misses his best friend, Fat Black (who was fat and, er, black), who he had to leave behind when we moved from Wandsworth Common.

He's the best flatmate I've ever had.