Shops you should know about: The Peanut Vendor

PV5878-1_Danish_Desk_Chair_1024x1024 As an interiors journalist, I get bucketloads of press releases and marketing emails every day. Well, most people get bucketloads of marketing emails every day don't they? Unless you've somehow managed to avoid EVER having to give away your email address (if so, tips on how you did this gratefully received).

Anyway, out of all the emails I get, there's one I always open without fail. And that's the one from North London vintage shop, The Peanut Vendor.

Specialising in early to late 20th century furniture, lighting, textiles and accessories, The Peanut Vendor has a real life shop (in Victoria Park) as well as its online incarnation, and recently opened a coffee shop on site too. Look at some of their latest gems...




God knows how they source this stuff; they're not saying, and fair play.

I should add here an embarrassing disclaimer: I've yet to buy anything from The Peanut Vendor. But that's because I've spent my life having too much furniture (mostly inherited), rather than not enough. That's what happens when you live in a cramped London flat. But still, I always open that email from them, and gaze wistfully at their amazing finds, imagining which fantasy rooms in my fantasy massive house I'd put each piece in.

Always reasonably priced, their wares are photographed simply and clearly from multiple angles, and I feel I'd have full confidence ordering something from them without seeing it in the flesh.

They send out a weekly email of their latest stock - so make sure you sign up, because everything featured seems to sell within a day, and sometimes hours. I promise you, it'll be the one marketing email you open without fail!