Midweek Musings: Back on the job

houzz-lifebylotte Last week marked the official end to my maternity leave, as I started a new part-time position at Houzz UK as staff editor. It's pretty much the dream position for me actually, because I get to work with one of my close friends and also get to work for one of the most exciting digital companies in the interiors field today. Plus it's part time, as I said, so I still get to be a mummy who lunches the rest of the time (not going to give that up in any hurry).

It was a shock though, setting my alarm, putting on something other than pyjama bottoms and battling through the commuters like the old days. I had forgotten just how busy London is at that time, and I'm not going to lie, I felt OLD. It made me genuinely want to run away to the country and open a cattery or something.

Once I got to the office however, things improved. I'd missed the buzz of working with a big team, and a company with the investment to actually make things happen. I'd also missed lunches from EAT. Ha. I'll be writing features as well as managing some of the professional contributors who submit articles for the site and am really looking forward to getting stuck in. It'll be especially nice to be back on the journalism side of the fence after spending the last two and a half years doing commercial work.

Other than that, this week has been quite quiet as both Daph and I have had a cold so we've been in hibernation. Babies with colds are not fun. We did however, take Daph to be weighed finally at the health clinic - first time since November - and were somewhat alarmed to be told she now weighs a whopping 15lb 5. It's official, she's a porker. She's now on the 50th percentile! (I've banged on about this loads but she was on the 2nd when she was born). The health visitor was a bit snooty and said we had to keep an eye on her - at one point she stared past my shoulder and said sadly 'this is what happens with formula babies you see' and I had to resist the urge to bop her on the nose.


I won't be putting Daph on a diet any time soon (everyone says as soon as she starts crawling the weight will drop off) - in fact we're going to start properly weaning her TOMORROW as her high chair and dining table are arriving. More on them in another post - but I'm so excited to finally be getting a big table that we can actually use for the kitchen, and I'm hoping we can do more mature mealtimes with all of us sitting around the table talking about our days together.

As for weaning - we've already given her a taste of baby rice and she loved it - but my god what a mess it makes. Shall have to hide my OCD self in a cupboard or something...