The paint snowball

It all started with a door. Well, no, that's not quite true. It all started with a cat. And the need to shut him out, which resulted in this shiny new (old) door on my kitchen, from Architectural Salvage in south Wimbledon.


Once the door was installed, I had to paint around the brand new doorframe. So I did (which is why it looks so shiny and white in comparison with the walls). The shiny white doorframe continued on the other side too, inside the kitchen. Result of shiny white doorframe? The kitchen walls looked really, really shabby.

You may remember my kitchen looked like this:


Nice enough, but a bit 'meh'. Enter Farrow & Ball's French Gray...


Move one fridge...


Several hours and sore arms later, you get this...




I love it! So much warmer and more inviting. The trouble is, of course, now the hall walls look really, really shabby...