Midweek Musings: Baby Apps and Annoying Restaurants

spring-lifebylotte I'm SO pleased it's March! Even though today the weather is disgusting, I've surrounded myself with daffodils at home and am hibernating today with the baby and lots of tea, and thinking about the warmer months ahead. The best thing about having a baby in August was that it was still lovely and warm (or warm enough) for a good few months after she was born and I got to go for long walks every day. But these fell by the wayside in January and February thanks to the cold weather (warmest winter on record my arse!). And I really do think my mental health suffered for it - not to mention my fat thighs.


We've all finally recovered from our super fun bout of flu (spending an entire day lying on my bed shivering and sweating with the baby next to me and chucking toys at her every now and then was an interesting experience, hopefully not to be repeated) and so we took Daphne to be weighed again on Monday. She is now an impressive 17 pounds, or 7.75kg, at 28 weeks. Still on the 50th percentile which is good! I definitely think she's grown longer in the last few weeks, and is looking more like an actual child, too - they say you only have a baby for a year and that year is really disappearing now!


On that note, I've just seen that Glow, the fertility app that I used before I got pregnant and then while I was pregnant, has launched a new baby app, called Glow Baby. It's very serendipitous as I was just thinking what a shame it was that there was no good app for logging things like the times Daphne napped, amounts she ate etc etc, as well as tracking her weight over the weeks. And now there is! I'm not being paid to say this either. I really love the Glow interfaces and I've downloaded the app today - will let you know how I get on with it but from initial glance it looks really useful! Check it out if you have a littlun.

Anyway for today's post I really wanted to write about my experience last night at Flat Iron in Soho. I'd heard good things about it (STEAK!) and so suggested dinner there with my friends Vicky and Susie. However, it's one of those 'no reservations' places. We turned up at 7pm to be told that there was an hour and fifteen minutes' wait. By someone with an iPad and just a hint of attitude. So we went over the road to Byron instead.

I'm really really really really really SO fed up and bored of non-booking restaurants. PLEASE can someone make them un-trendy? I'm actually thinking of starting a blog that only features restaurants that allow you to book because honestly, does anyone like queueing for hours in the cold for a restaurant table? Or being squished in the doorway, flapping a menu in hand for forty minutes, while people squeeze past you on the way to the loo/to meet their smug friends already seated at tables?

The longest I've ever queued for was nearly TWO HOURS at Dishoom - and much as I ruddy love that place, it did make me hate myself inside for buying into the bollocks. So what if they did hand out peppermint tea to the people getting rained on - we were still getting rained on WHILE QUEUEING TO SPEND MONEY ON OUR DINNER. How did this start, why did this start and why do we put up with it? Are we all such stupid lemmings that we think somehow queueing for our dinner makes it more special? I propose we all boycott these places until they agree to let us book tables again - who's with me?!