I have a new website...

charlotte-duckworth-website-lifebylotte Just in case you're interested, I've relaunched my professional website. You can find it at charlotteduckworth.com.

Don't have a huge amount to say about this really, but if you're interested in working with me, get in touch! I offer lots of services, from ghostwriting your company blogs (don't worry, won't be anywhere near as sweary as these ones) to copywriting website text and newsletters and helping you with your PR and online marketing. I really like working with small indie brands with passionate owners (and if you're a mumpreneur then even better) and although my background is predominantly in the interiors industry, I'm also keen to work with lifestyle brands and anything kids' related at the moment (for obvious reasons!).

Oh and I also do journalism! Ha! Forgot about that - it's only what I'm actually trained to do. But not for peanuts please, I have a mortgage to pay and a small person to clothe.

Anyway, that's enough of a sales pitch. Have a look at my site if you want to read even more marketing speak!