Midweek Musings: Property hunting and the Great Interior Design Challenge

daphne-lifebylotte Hello! This post is very late. This week seems to be evaporating before my eyes. For one thing, little Daphne is six months' old today - I can't believe she's been here for half a year already! Sadly she was in a complete grump all day - I'm not entirely sure what the matter with her was, whether it was teething or separation anxiety beginning or just baby PMT, but she didn't really enjoy her half-birthday. Sniff. Anyway I'll do my six-month baby update post once she's cheered up and fancies posing for some (better) pictures.

Anyway the exciting (and preoccupying) news is - we've found a house! And it's in Wimbledon! And they've accepted our offer on it! HOWEVER - we need to get a mortgage on it so at the moment we're still a bit in limbo as nothing has been approved yet. I'm keeping everything crossed, but as we're both self-employed, getting a mortgage is an absolute bloody nightmare so nothing is guaranteed. I don't want to share too much info about the house in case we lose it, but it's a midcentury marvel in need of work. I'll keep you posted... please keep your fingers crossed!

I find it so infuriating that it's so hard to get credit when you're self-employed - surely someone who is employed and can be made redundant at any time with nothing to fall back on is a far higher risk than someone who's managed to create their own work for years?!  Yet if I got a 'permanent' (no such thing!) job tomorrow, I'd be able to get a mortgage with no bother at all. Makes me really cross actually.

In the meantime, in order not to get our hopes up too much in case we lose the place, we're still spending hours on Rightmove trying to find alternatives we like just as much. Tonight I came across a terrace in need of modernisation, and feel the need to share this bathroom with you - YIKES! That's some creative shower curtaining.


I'm not going to lie - househunting is excellent fun. My mates over at Myfriendshouse actually did a post about Rightmove addiction, which may resonate with you...


Finally, I hope you've all been watching the Great Interior Design Challenge! It's on BBC2 at 7pm (stupid time BBC schedulers!!), Monday-Wednesday and is basically like Bake Off with wallpaper. Well worth a watch, and if you're on Twitter you can also join the discussion when the show is on using the hashtag #GIDC. Me and my work cronies have been enjoying pulling the poor designers' schemes to shreds - they really do have a hard time of it with tiny budgets and only a few days to transform rooms, but that doesn't make our armchair criticism any less harsh... mwahahaha.