My kind of bauble

Prestat bauble By some kind of miracle, this year I have managed to get out of writing a single feature on Christmas. Not even a teeny tiny online news story. Nada. Which was a bit of a relief, if truth be told, because last year I was knee deep in all things Yule for nearly three months, working on the Ideal Home Christmas special magazine. By the end of it I was just about ready to punch Father Christmas in the face. And I've always been a good girl for Santa, so that was most out of character.

The downside to this year's Christmas feature drought is that I've had to sigh and delete many of the fantastic press releases and gift guides that have been filling my Inbox. Which is where this blog will probably prove very handy.

So first up from the impossible-to-overlook-Christmas-press-releases are THESE beauties from Prestat! AKA MY KIND OF BAUBLES! Let's be honest, those foil-wrapped Cadbury's bells and 'parcels' of chocolate you hurriedly chuck in your trolley during a late December shop just don't cut it. Half the time the little string ties break as you're attaching them to the tree and the garish wrappings don't exactly scream sophistication when paired with your precious White Company glass snowflakes...

Prestat bauble Prestat bauble Prestat bauble  Prestat bauble

All hail Prestat then, for coming up with these delights. There are five different baubles available, each filled with posh chocolate treats. The Pink Heart Bauble and Blue Heart Bauble are both packed with Praline Truffles, the Snowman Bauble and the Rocket Baubles contain Prestat’s dark chocolate Sea Salt Caramels and the Crown Bauble is filled with Milk Marc de Champagne Truffles. At £6.75 each, I think they're a bit of a bargain too. Available online, and from Liberty, Selfridges and John Lewis. And Harrods. Of course.