Farewell 2012...

I've been looking forward to 2013 for at least two months now, so I'm really happy it's finally here! My resolutions are all a bit hackneyed, but include: eating less sugar, going for a run twice a week, reading more books and finishing my third novel. But first, a look back on last year, with its enormous highs and lows...



The year started with my 31st birthday, and a lovely dinner with friends at Baltic restaurant in Southwark - recommended!


Living room

My little flat had five minutes of fame in February, featured in the Guardian.

laser eye surgery

And... I had laser eye surgery, which was AMAZING. Will do a separate post about that next month!


Brighton Pier

I took advantage of some early spring sun for a day in Brighton - god sea air is the best for getting you out of a winter fug.



I started a new part-time job, working three days a week on the websites for leading interiors shows Decorex and Interiors UK (that's me with some of my colleagues above). I only went in to meet the team there to discuss freelancing for them, and they ended up offering me a permanent job so it was quite unexpected really! I'm really really enjoying it - it's been great to get out of the magazine bubble and meet different folk, and I actually went up to four days a week at the beginning of November.



A much-needed week's holiday in Mykonos, where the shone ridiculously brightly for us. As ever, I had a wonderful time. It just went a bit quickly.



June was a strange month. I lost my beloved Grandad, who died exactly a month before his 100th birthday. He was 99 in the picture above, taken Christmas 2011. I miss him so much, and still think of him every day. But I'm trying to remember his positivity, his love for life and his ability to find the best in everything, and use that to inspire me. I'm very grateful that I saw him just a couple of days before he died, and that he was his usual smiley, lovely self.

The last day I saw him was also the day I found out I'd been offered a publishing contract for my novel. Life's a funny old thing. I have dedicated the book to my Grandad. I know he would be so happy for me.


Olympic torch

I finally caught Olympic fever, after having had no interest whatsoever in the build up. This was my first glimpse of the Games - when the torch went past the Decorex office on the barge. Sadly I only had my iPhone, hence rubbish pic!


Paralympics Opening Ceremony

After spending hours - maybe days - of my life searching for tickets, I finally somehow wangled two £50 tickets to the Paralympics opening ceremony. I took my Mum, and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I only wish I'd been blogging back then, because I could wax lyrical about it for ages. It was fab. Unforgettable.



Olympic fever continued when I got press seats to the Paralympic athletics in September. This time I went with my friend Amy - I'll never forget the atmosphere in the stadium, and the park itself. Just brilliant. Wish we could make the 'Lympics an annual thing.



A flying trip with my Dad went a bit scary when we got stuck above thick cloud. And then my Dad decided to stall the plane for fun. I now know what kind of scream I'll give off in a near-death situation. It's loud.


The Perfect Suicide, Lotte Worth

I got to see the cover for my novel. I love it.


The Cube

The festive season began with a bang, with a trip to The Cube. My culinary highlight in a year filled with culinary delights. Hopefully more of that in 2013...

I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store, and fully intend on recording as much of it as possible on this blog.

Happy new year to you all!