Easter in Norfolk

So I spent Easter Sunday this year here... Hunstanton Beach

Namely, Hunstanton Beach in Norfolk. Looks lovely doesn't it? Blue skies above a vast, near-empty beach. But take a closer look.

Hunstanton Beach

The reason this photo is blurry is because it was impossible to hold the camera still, because a) my hand was completely numb and b) the MINUS 9 DEGREE gale-force wind was literally trying to blow us into the sea.

So I know, you all know the story, you were all here for the coldest Easter on record too. In this picture, O is wearing a hat and two hoodies. Both of our jaws were almost locked frozen from the cold. The earache was immense.

We'd gone up to Norfolk to film a mini trailer for my book. The main reason for doing this wasn't so much to promote the book (although obviously that's what a book trailer is for) but because I'm a total geek and thought it would be fun. And it kind of was fun, despite the weather.

The Perfect Suicide, Lotte Worth

Don't worry - it wasn't so cold we decided to top ourselves. That's just a still from our fantastic footage. Ahem.

We stayed at The Lodge, in Old Hunstanton, which, mercifully, was lovely and warm and cosy, with proper pub fires blazing in the bar downstairs, and a big radiator in the room.

The Lodge, Hunstanton

Hunstanton Beach

Hunstanton Beach


Sadly, we were so distracted by the cold (to the point that we drove the car down to the beach, rather than walk ten minutes - so that we had it nearby to shelter in after five minutes' filming brought on the first signs of frostbite), that I didn't take any more pictures. Which is a real shame as it's a properly beautiful part of the world.

Anyway, we actually had a lovely time, and a massively appreciated and delicious roast dinner in The Lodge's restaurant. It was an enjoyable break, even if the only thing we both said all weekend was; 'At least it's not raining. It'd be worse if it was raining. Wouldn't it?'

I'd really like to go back sometime. Preferably in the middle of a heatwave.