Midweek Musings: Snoring and Sweater* dresses

*Yes OK, that should be 'jumper' dresses, but I liked the alliteration. I thought I'd start sharing some mini weekly updates of stuff that's been going on with me because there's all kinds of random things that happen during the week that don't quite deserve a blog post of their own, but nonetheless I feel the need to share/rant about. (I know I should call this my 'Gratitude List' or something but that would mean I wouldn't be able to moan ever. And I do like a good moan. So 'Midweek Musings' it is).


First up, this week we have a new neighbour in the flat downstairs. We are both very upset about this as we loved our old neighbours - they were a Bulgarian couple and the man was ridiculously good looking. I mean, RIDICULOUSLY -  he looked like a model. I think even Oli fancied him. They had two kids under three and were very friendly and nice and neighbourly and took in parcels for us and stuff like that. But (perhaps understandably) when their second baby was born they needed to move to a bigger place, so they left at the end of November.

I have yet to actually MEET our new neighbour, who moved in last weekend, but he has certainly made his presence known. He snores SO loudly that I can hear it through the floor - even with my new carpet. When the baby wakes at 3 for a feed, I now find it impossible to go back to sleep thanks to the low-level vibrationathon going on below me. It has to be the world's most irritating noise - mostly because it's not constant but just repetitive and too low to be drowned out even by my white noise app. This morning at 5am I was tempted to write him a note saying he snores so loudly he's stopping us sleeping and would he mind killing himself or moving out, but resisted. And yes I am aware we have an oft-screaming baby and thus are massive hypocrites, but long-term sleep deprivation tends to bring out the psychopath in you.

Anyone got any hints for drowning him out? I'm trying ear plugs tonight - hate the things as they usually fall out but am getting desperate!


In other news, we are both totally addicted to this new iPad game - Wordbrain. It's kind of like a load of crosswords but without clues. Hard to explain but worth a look if you're at all a fan of word puzzles. It's SO addictive! Even though I'm rubbish at it. And Oli is brilliant. Which is slightly annoying.


And finally, I've completely fallen in love with Hush clothes. They seem perfect for new mothers who don't just want to slob about in trackie bottoms all day. I want the whole damn AW15 collection, but I have just treated myself to this amazing jumper dress. It's literally like a great big sweatshirt made into a dress. Pared with my maternity leggings (which I am steadfastly refusing to give up until Chip is at least 21) it makes the perfect not-too-scruffy-but-still-super-comfortable outfit. I'm in love. I also want this fab silk shirt, but will have to wait for the sale for that one...