Shops you should know about: Vita Copenhagen

vita-eos-lifebylotte I spent a long time searching for a pendant light for Daphne's nursery, eventually giving up and just re-covering the horrible cheap Ikea pendant we had up there. As I've said, we're hoping to move soon so it made sense to wait until we had a proper nursery for her before splashing out on something nice. But during my research, pretty much the only light I liked was the Eos, by Vita Copenhagen. Made from beautiful white feathers carefully arranged around a frame, it looks a little bit like a fluffy white cloud - in keeping with the cloud decals we already had up on the wall.

I was pretty chuffed then when the lovely PR for Vita Copenhagen got in touch and offered me an Eos - it was as though she'd read my mind (I hadn't actually mentioned that I liked it anywhere so it was really serendipitous!). When it arrived I opened it and it's even more beautiful than I thought - I've actually quickly repackaged it and stowed it away safely for use in our new home as I don't want it to get ruined when we move.


One of the best things about Vita Copenhagen, in my view, is its price points. The lights are all really really good value and have a beautiful Scandi, minimalist aesthetic - I'm a massive George Nelson bubble pendant fan but let's be honest, these cost an absolute bomb. The design-led pieces from Vita Copenhagen look incredibly expensive but are actually very reasonably priced indeed.


They also believe in reducing their environmental footprint, so all their lights come packaged in compact gift boxes to keep logistics and storage costs down. Big thumbs up.

The company is relatively new to the UK (I believe!) and as far as I can see only has prices in euros up on its site at the moment - but do have a look if you're after something supremely stylish (can't go wrong with anything from Copenhagen really can you?!). And I'll share pics of Daphne's light in situ once we've moved - fingers, toes, arms, legs... EVERYTHING crossed, we're hoping to complete at the end of this month...